Educator Bio – Kelly Brown Demers

Kelly Brown Demers is a licensed and practicing Master Esthetician as well as a licensed Esthetics Educator with the state of Utah. Kelly became a Master Esthetician through an apprenticeship in 1999. After apprenticing and working in a clinical setting for Corrective Skin Care for approximately five years, Kelly started her own clinic. In 2004 Kelly opened Corrective Skin Care Collective in Sandy, Utah. Kelly’s Clinic is a private office setting where her clients can find comfort while receiving innovative treatments, professional skin consulting and product recommendations from the Corrective Skin Care Line of Products.

Kelly Brown Demers received her Bachelor of Science from Westminster College in 2006. After many years of working with her own clientele and training at surrounding schools, Kelly has opened her own office and is readily accepting applicants for either a Basic and or Master Esthetics program.

Kelly believes that apprenticing someone who practices the art and science of Esthetics is the truest way to also become an Esthetician yourself. It is always a “hands-on” and interactive experience where you see all aspects of consulting and treating a client, as well as running a business.

An outline of the basic Esthetics program and an outline of the apprenticeship details what will be covered for state requirements and there is also tuition information available. The cost of the Masters program is $10,000, while the Basic Esthetics program is $5,500. If interested an interview will be necessary. Please inquire through email to Kelly at or call Kelly @ 801-694-8676.