Specials for September

Acne Masque

This acne clearing masque contains Cranberry extract and Rosemary essential oil to provide anti-bacterial and antiseptic benefits. The clays in the masque absorb the oils on these areas as well as contribute to healing and calming of the area. It even doubles as a spot treatment to zap blemishes on contact.

Regular Price @ $35.00

Sale Price @ $25.00

Color Code – Pink / acne and rosacea

Spin Trap Eye Serum

Special ingredients like emolliating corn silk and liquid crystals make this our most hydrating eye cream by ensuring maximum moisture absorption, making it ideal for overnight use. It is also fortified with Spin Trap, which traps free radicals and re-directs them away from skin, protecting your under eye area from cell damage.

Regular Price @ $60.00

Sale Price @ $50.00

Color Code-  Silver/ Eye Treatment

Here is a list of our discontinued items. They will be on for half off original price until out of stock.

Green Tea Spritzer: $12.00

Red Tea Moisturizer: $ 31.50

Grapefruit Butter Moisturizer: $18.50

Oxy Respiration Cream: $19.00

Retinolic Serum Reg Strength: $16.50

Green Tea Antioxidant Masque: $17.50

Grapefruit Gel Masque: $17.50

12% Hand & Body Lotion: $13.50

EGF Hand & Body Lotion: $15.00

Polygel with A.G.E. $21.50