Specials for July

Breakout Free Wash

Formulated with Totarol and Salicylic Acid. Totarol is an extremely effective, naturally occurring plant extract with potent anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties. This ingredient is also extremely effective when treating Propionibacterium acne, the bacterium involved in acne, and rosacea skins. The base is formulated with a water-soluble version of Shea Butter that emulsifies the wastes found in the epidermis, which are then removed when the wash is rinsed off of the skin.

Regular Price @ $34.00 Sale Price @$24.00

Color Code – Purple / Acne skin

BPO 2.5%, 5% & 10%

Take control of your acne with the most aggressive acne fighter- benzoyl peroxide, which prevents breakouts by slowing down oil production and clears existing breakouts. Helps prevent new acne lesions from forming by controlling C acne bacteria. Offered in various strengths and custom blends for maximum effectiveness.

Regular Price @ $20.00(2.5% & 5%)/ $26.50(10%)

Sale Price @ $17.00/$20.00

Color Code- Purple / Acne skin

D20 Spritzer

Give your skin a burst of hydration with D20, special water containing twice the hydrogen of normal water to provide an extra barrier against radiation, and lock in moisture for dewy looking skin. Spritz as a first layer to hydrate your skin; then tuck in your purse for a revitalizing pick-me-up during the day.

Regular Price @$29.00  Sale Price @$20.00

Color Code – Blue / All skin

Eyelighter Cream

D20 hydrates, while this refreshing aromatherapeutic mist utilizes the anti-oxidizing and protective properties of Green Tea, a proven promoter of youthful looking skin by remolding elastic tissue.

Regular Price @ $50.00

Sale Price @ $40.00

Here is a list of our discontinued items. They will be on for half off original price until out of stock.

Green Tea Spritzer: $12.00

Red Tea Moisturizer: $ 31.50

Grapefruit Butter Moisturizer: $18.50

Oxy Respiration Cream: $19.00

Retinolic Serum Reg Strength: $16.50

Green Tea Antioxidant Masque: $17.50

Grapefruit Gel Masque: $17.50

12% Hand & Body Lotion: $13.50

EGF Hand & Body Lotion: $15.00

Polygel with A.G.E. $21.50