Specials for February

Cranberry Cleanser

Cranberry Cleanser uses soothing shea butter to calm upset skin along with nature’s toxin fighters cranberry and green tea extract to cleanse and our most concentrated spin trap cell-regenerating complex for a fresh, youthful complexion.

Original Price: $34.00

Sale Price: $24.00

Cranberry Spin trap Moisturizer 

This is a new formulation of Cranberry Spin Trap Moisturizer. It Contains Snap 8 , An Octapeptide that reduces wrinkles from facial expression. Pentapeptide-3 Synthesis collagan anf fibronectin reducing wrinkle density and volume. Spintrap the intelligent antioxidant that captures and re-directs the spinning free radicals. Niacinamide- B3 wil increase collagan and keratin and helps tp decrease pigmentation. EGCG antioxidant .

Original Price: $74.00

Sale Price: $64.00

Cranberry Spin Trap Masque

Cranberry Spin Trap Masque is for all skin types and is excellent after skin treatments. The key to this masque is the calming, soothing ingredients, and the very special free radical fighter “SPIN TRAP”.

Original Price: $35.00

Sale Price: $28.00


Green Tea Spritzer: $12.00

Red Tea Moisturizer: $ 31.50

Grapefruit Butter Moisturizer: $18.50

Oxy Respiration Cream: $19.00

Retinolic Serum Reg Strength: $16.50

Green Tea Antioxidant Masque: $17.50

Grapefruit Gel Masque: $17.50

12% Hand & Body Lotion: $13.50

EGF Hand & Body Lotion: $15.00

Polygel with A.G.E. $21.50