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Corrective Skincare® offers an expansive line of complexion changing products from glow inducing scrubs, cleansers and spritzers to age busting rejuvenation treatments, glycolics and masques, anti-oxidizing hydrators and more.
All products are color coded by skin type for custom care.

Skin Care Color Codes
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Seek out the best of nature and science to create innovative skincare with the highest quality, purest and most effective ingredients to truly change, nurture and regenerate skin.

Corrective Skincare® is a full product line available in spas and retailers across the US and Asia. It was founded in 1986 by skin care veteran and Master Esthetician Gale Roberts with one goal in mind: seek out the best of nature and science to create innovative skincare with the highest quality, purest and most effective ingredients to truly change, nurture and regenerate skin. This innovative line is built on the core principles of formulating high levels of unique key ingredients like Peptides, Spin trap and Epidermal Growth Factor, the philosophy that skincare routines should be ever-changing for consistent results or Skinercise®, and that customization for each skin type is crucial for a real difference that can be felt and seen.

With quality at the helm of all Corrective Skincare® products, they are Chirally Correct - the result of organic synthesis and advanced purification for easy utilization by the skin and are formulated with organic and pure ingredients. Corrective Skincare® addicts can't live without the new glow, clarity and youth CSC® has given their faces through unique fan favorites like age fighting epidermal growth factor, oxy respiration (which actually helps skin utilize the air to grow new cells), refreshing Tea Tree Scrub and Medicated Lime Aid Moisturizer to help soothe and heal acneic and/or rosacea skin types.

Chirally Correct Skin Care

Chirally CorrectPositively Pure Ingredients

The key to Corrective Skincare's® advanced results is the result of organic synthesis, extracting the purest of positive molecules and eliminating negative molecules that can cause damage and irritation, so skin's receptors are easily able to utilize ingredients.


Skinercise®Personalized Skin Care Plans

Skincare routines need change to keep delivering results, that's why CSC offers Skinercise® - customized ingredient levels and programs to reactivate results. CSC's website even has an online skin advisor to offer customized regimens.

Skincare with a Conscience

Skincare with a ConscienceMore Love, Less Packaging

All CSC bottles and containers are recyclable and to cut waste, do not have boxes or inserts. In recognization of these efforts, CSC was nominated for "Contribution to the Environment" in the Waste Reduction Category by the Earth Champion Foundation. CSC is Peta Approved, and does zero animal testing.

Master Esthetician, Educator, and CEO of Corrective Skin Care

Kelly Brown

"My favorite part about being an Aesthetician is changing my client's skin for the better and impacting their lives in a positive way."

Since 1999, Kelly Brown has been an Esthetics student, apprentice, instructor, practitioner, and business owner. Over the years, Kelly has extended her knowledge with ongoing advanced training for the latest in procedures, techniques and theory. Kelly has owned her own practice since 2004 and has been a contributing influence to the Corrective Skin Care line of products. Her mother, Gale Roberts, founded the company and over the years Kelly has met the challenges required in product development. As of July 1st 2021, Kelly has taken a new leadership role as CEO of Corrective Skin Care line of products.

As Kelly ventures into this next step of her career she will continue to see clients as much as possible, but with the ever-changing world of the beauty industry, Kelly's main goal and dedication moving forward is to grow the Corrective Skin Care line of products. Kelly encourages you to get treatments from other estheticians at her clinic as her role behind the chair will most likely become less and less so that like her mother, Gale Roberts, she can continue to provide customers with quality skincare products for generations to come.

Founder, Innovator, and Veteran

Gale Roberts

"There is nothing as amazing as seeing the new confidence and glow in my clients when they feel good about their faces."

Gale Roberts, founder and creator of Corrective Skin Care products, enjoyed her role as CEO for over 30 years. Gale first developed this line of skincare while she had a booming practice as a Paramedical Master Esthetician. Gale enjoyed visibly seeing the results her products gave to thousands of her client's skin in her own office as well as working in a Salt Lake City medical facility that specialized in skin care and plastic surgery. Seeing these continued results motivated Gale and her mission became clear: to dedicate her vast knowledge and experience to create a new line of clinical based skin care products that would reach beyond claims and hype for a noticeable improvement in the skin. At the time, Gale had noticed a lack of products in the market that would give real results to her own aging skin. In 2004, Gale retired from seeing her clientele to work on developing the line and to build the brand.

As the driving force of Product Development and Research, Gale actively continued to formulate new products with quality performance ingredients, never sacrificing quality over anything else. Gale’s daughter, Kelly Brown - also a Master Esthetician, took over her clientele in 2004 and continues to give amazing results and care to the brand's loyal followers as the new head of the Corrective Skincare® Clinic.

As of July 1st 2021, Gale Roberts officially retired as CEO of Corrective Skin Care. Gale continues to be a consultant to the brand as her daughter Kelly Brown has assumed the role as CEO of Corrective Skin Care line of products. You can read about Kelly's journey in her bio, but she is honored to carry on this woman-created, owned and mother-daughter inspired family business.

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